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  • Welcome to Foam Cycle

    Foam Cycle is a unique recycling company pioneering a closed loop recycling system, to help solve the “foam problem”.  


    Foam packaging and food service foam (aka Styrofoam) are one of the most plentiful, yet least recycled plastics in existence today.


    Foam Cycle is a patented foam collection, densifying and repurposing system designed to be placed at outdoor city, town and municipal recycling drop-off centers. Foam Cycle systems can be found operating successfully in several states throughout the country, tackling a global issue on a local level.


    Foam Cycle's mission is to remove the myths and stigmas attached to foam recycling by establishing a new model that can be scaled across the country. Municipal recycling drop off centers will play a greater role in providing residents with the collection of recyclable materials that cannot fit into a curb side recycling cart. Foam Cycle is proud to be part of that solution.  


    Watch our short pitch video below and see why adding a Foam Cycle system to your municipal recycling drop off center will help our environment!


    Foam Cycle began in 2016 with our first site in Sussex County, New Jersey. Now with over 30 locations across the US, a whopping 11,344.365 residents now have the ability to recycle their foam packaging waste where none existed before! 


    Congratulations to all of the members of Team Foam Cycle for truly making a difference in our communities and on our environment!


    The Borough of Paramus, New Jersey after the holidays foam (aka Styrofoam) packaging collection day event this year featured

    Foam Cycle's New Mascot……

    Buster Foam! 


    This was also the introduction of a recently installed Foam Cycle system in Paramus that transformed their one day a year foam collection day event into an EVERY DAY foam recycling program!

    Buster Foam has a message to everyone who wants to recycle their foam packaging waste, Bring It To Buster!

  • On Earth Day 2024, Foam Cycle was featured on NBC NEWS!

    This terrific foam recycling education video was put together by the Village of Ridgewood in New Jersey


    The Village of Ridgewood is located in Bergen County, New Jersey (home to 953,000 residents). This small community of only 26,000 residents is leading the way as the first recycling drop off center in the county to collect and repurpose foam packaging waste.


    Reducing landfill waste doesn’t happen by talk, charts or conferences, it happens when good people who genuinely want to make a difference in their communities pull up their boot straps and do the work that’s needed.


    Congratulations to the Village of Ridgewood's Recycling Team on making the terrific foam recycling education video below, and for making the towns residents very proud while making the area landfill very upset.

    Congratulations to Cook County, Illinois


    Cook County, Illinois is home to 5.12 million residents and the second largest county in the US behind Los Angeles County.


    On Earth Day of this year, Cook County opened the county’s first “Center for Hard to Recycling Materials” called a CHaRM center. CHaRM centers are recycling drop off locations that collect and recycle a large variety of recyclable materials that cannot be curb side collected. Items like textiles, TV’s. computers and other electronics, metals, household items for reuse and YES, foam (aka Styrofoam) packaging waste as well.


    This CHaRM center is truly unique since Cook County partnered with South Suburban Community College in South Holland, Illinois where the CHaRM center was built.




    Land space in counties and cities across the country are often limited and seldom centralized while colleges and universities usually have expansive parking lots.


    Not only do these higher education facilities have the space, they are also home to future Sustainability Professionals who attend school there. There is no better way to acquire hands on leaning while servicing the communities where they are located. It’s called a win win and these are rare occurrences in the recycling world. Great work Cook County!

    Breaking News!


    In October of 2020, Foam Cycle installed our patented foam collection and recycling system in Collier County, Florida.


    On November 3rd, 2021 the county received a prestigious Recycle Florida Today Environmental Sustainability Award for their foam recycling program.


    On July 11, 2023 the county reported a 78% recycling rate! Congratulations Collier County, while others talk Zero Waste, you’re walking the walk!  

    Foam Cycle is now in Canada!



    Below are various Foam Cycle recycling programs

    from around the country

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    New Hampshire

    broken image

    Long Hill Township

    New Jersey

    broken image

    Fayette County


    broken image

    Henderson County

    North Carolina

    broken image

    Northeast Kingdom


    broken image


    North Carolina

    broken image

    Monroe Township

    New Jersey

    broken image

    City of High Point

    North Carolina

    broken image

    Village of Ridgewood

    New Jersey


    broken image

    Mecklenburg County

    North Carolina


    broken image

    Mount Prospect



    broken image

    Passaic County and

    The City of Clifton

    New Jersey


  • Videos

    Watch the videos below to see for yourself how foam recycling plays an important role in municipal recycling drop off programs.

    Success Story!

    Collier County, Florida

    Success Story!



    Success Story!

    St. Lucie County, Florida

    Success Story!


    New Jersey

    Success Story!


    North Carolina

    Success Story!


    New Hamshire


    Let Ellen Show You How Its Done in Pennsylvania

    Recycling Foam Helps Support Non-Profits Work!

    Success Story!

    Northeast Kingdom,



    Closed Loop Recycling of

    Foam Coolers

    Success Story!

    Recycle Colorado and SustainAbility



    Take a DeLorean ride over a landfill

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    NJ Municipalities Magazine April 2020

    A foam recycling success story in Middletown, New Jersey. Middletown was the first NJ town to offer their residents the ability to recycle foam packaging waste and it's become an amazing recycling success story!

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    NJDEP Recognizes
    Recycling All-Stars, Congratulations Beth!

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    All Weather Recycling System

    Our Patented ( No.: US 11,241,695) Foam Cycle recycling system allows for the outside storage, processing and recycling of Foam Packaging waste (also known as Expanded Polystyrene, EPS and Styrofoam).


    Our beautifully designed container system will enhance any county, municipal, college or university recycling drop off center by proudly announcing that foam recycling takes place here!

    Sunshine or snow, our Foam Cycle unit allows for the outside storage and processing of EPS Foam. Our beautifully designed unit will help enhance any municipal recycling center, school or university and proudly announces that EPS Foam recycling takes place here.

    Safe, Strong, Secure

    Our Foam Cycle container is lockable which allows you to process Foam Packaging waste in a secure outdoor environment preventing unauthorized users from accessing the equipment.


    The Foam Cycle's metal enclosure is a specially designed ISO certified shipping container built new to our patented specifications.


    ISO certification defines a container that meets size, strength, and durability requirements along with structural integrity suitable for multiple transportation methods such as truck, rail or ship so you know it’s built strong.

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    What's Inside

    Each Foam Cycle container comes equipped with a leading manufacturer’s compact and versatile foam densifier machine capable of volume reducing your collected EPS Foam at a ratio of 90-1.


    Hourly processing rates vary per model from 50 lbs. to 300 lbs. per hour. The unit also comes with inside lighting, built in exhaust fans and it comes fully wired for an easy outside electrical connection.


    Also included is one Foam Collection Container.


    Lastly and equally as important, each Foam Cycle container comes with our 100% support including recycling collection information and hand out suggestions to insure that your foam collection program is a complete success!

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    Saved from the Landfill

    Pictured above is a bag of loose Foam Packaging waste that was heading to the landfill. With the Foam Cycle system, this bag of foam will now be densified on site and reduced in size at a ratio of 90-1 by removing 98% of the air that makes up Foam Packaging.


    The leftover 2% residual material from this process is pure polystyrene plastic called a foam ingot (pictured on the right). Ingots are used as feedstock for picture frames made by our sister company Better Frame that are manufactured right here in the US!

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    Foam Collection Container

    Each Foam Cycle system comes with one durable all-weather Foam Collection Container.


    This container is a great way to collect and transport Foam Packaging material from one or more locations in your town to the Foam Cycle System for processing.


    Each container comes with 3 lightweight collections and bags. Additional containers can be added to any foam collection program.

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    Foam Collection Cargo Trailer 

    This unique and custom designed cargo trailer is used to extend Foam Packaging waste collection within a community.


    Placing the main Foam Cycle system at the “Hub” or anchor location, these trailers could be used as a “Spoke” and placed in more rural areas or at local colleges, hospitals and universities.


    It can also be used at Special Waste and Earth Day events.

    It’s a great addition to your foam collection program!


  • Foam Cycle has been issued a US Utility Patent for a" Method and system of recycling polystyrene waste"

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    Earth911 Podcast

    Listen to the story on how Foam Cycle began and how we can continue to grow with the help of dedicated recyclers that want to make a difference in their community and in our world!

  • Questions and Answers

    What types of EPS foam can the Foam Cycle System recycle?

    The Foam Cycle system can process and recycle Foam Packaging (The often large and bulky TV, electronics and furniture packaging foam along with foam coolers).

    The Foam Cycle system can also recycle Food Service Foam (smaller clean foam cups, clamshell containers, egg cartons and meat trays that are free of food debris).

    Note: Your program may recycle one or both types of these foams, it’s up to you to decide. Whatever you choose, Foam Cycle is here to help your foam recycling program become 100% successful.

    What can I do with the condensed foam generated from the densifier machine? Does someone recycle this material?

    The 90-1 condensed foam produced by the foam densifier are called “Ingots”. Foam Cycle will help set up a buyback program for the ingots that are generated at your location. These ingots are a highly valued and used as feed stock for companies making picture frames and interior moldings. Ingot values are determined by location, grade, weight, volume and current market values.

    Can I purchase additional all weather Foam Collection bins?

    One Foam Collection bin is included with the Foam Cycle system. Additional foam collection bins can easily be purchased to place at multiple locations like at schools, universities or multiple municipality locations.

    Can I purchase a foam densifier machine by itself and if so what sizes do you sell?

    Yes, Foam Cycle sells a variety of foam densifier units. Each size unit is capable of recycling different volumes of foam so call Foam Cycle and speak to one of our sales professionals for more information.

    What kind of electrical power does the foam densifier require?

    A standard foam densifier unit requires 220 v / 3 phase / 16-30 amp service. Special order 480v models are available as well.

    What kind of warranty does the Foam Cycle system come with?

    The Foam Cycle system comes with a full 1 year warranty that covers all of the components and equipment inside and outside the Foam Cycle container system including the foam densifier unit.

    Once ordered, how long does it take to receive the Foam Cycle system?

    A complete Foam Cycle system can be shipped to any US location in 5-7 weeks.

  • How to order your Foam Cycle system

    When you contact us, a Foam Cycle team member will be assigned to personally work with you to:

    1.  Review your EPS recycling goals and discuss the benefits and cost of the Foam Cycle system. 
    2. We can also provide you with the location of a county recycling facility were a Foam Cycle container and EPS recycling program is currently underway so you can see it in action for yourself. 
    3. We work with you to choose a site location, discuss the equipment requirements and schedule your delivery.
    4. When the Foam Cycle container arrives, our team member will be at your site to oversee the container's delivery, electrical connection, provide densifier machine training and help set up your Foam Collection Bin(s).

    Lastly and equally as important, Foam Cycle will purchase the densified foam that is generated from the Foam Cycle system.


    Watch our easy ordering step video below and call us for more details!



  • Easy to order and just plug it in when it arrives and start recycling!

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    Each Patented Foam Cycle Container system is made in the USA!

    We look forward to dropping one in at your municipal recycling drop off

    site real soon!

  • Grant Opportunities

    EPA Recycling Grant 


    Foam Recycling Coalition Grant

    New Jersey DEP Recycling Grants

    Contact Foam Cycle at info@FoamCycle.com for grant details and more information

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    Sell Your Foam

    Do you have densified foam ingots for sale?

    Visit Recycle-My-Foam to learn about ways to sell and transport your recycled foam to companies here in the US and Canada that use the foam to make new products that contribute to a circular economy!

    Recycle My Foam also offers FREE foam consulting services for businesses that are looking to recycle their foam waste by installing a foam densifier machine.

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    Foam Cycle Newsletter

    Read all about Tiny House Community Development in Greensboro, North Carolina and how this non-profit is collecting and recycling foam waste and turning it into.....

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    Let Foam Cycle help you recycle your foam waste today !

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