• “They say it can’t be recycled,

    we’re here to prove them wrong"

  • China, Ocean Plastics and the

    Broken US Recycling Markets

    At a time when our landfills and oceans are quickly filling up with materials that were once considered recyclable, we should take full advantage of a little known but largely impactful opportunity to recycle Foam ( aka Styrofoam) and for the first time, Foam Cycle is making this possible.

    We know that Foam cannot be recycled using a curbside recycling bin and when you try to do so, its called "Wish Cycling", it’s because most “Single Stream” recycling facilities are not equipped with the needed technology to sort, collect and “densify” Foam.


    Adding a Foam Cycle collection, densifying, and recycling system to your county or town recycling drop off collection center, or to your college or universities campus sustainability program, can have an enormous impact on our environment.


    The densified Foam, called an ingot, has a higher value than many recyclable materials, including most metals. Ingots are purchased and recycled by picture frame manufactures and interior moulding companies that are located throughout the US, making this circular economy program one that is both verifiable and sustainable.


    No need to rely on China or an impoverished country to do the dirty work of sorting our recyclables and no need to send it to the landfill where the Foam will sit and not decompose for hundreds of years.


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    View our award winning system and let us know how we can help you meet your sustainability goals!

    Foam Cycle System

    Recycling Foam Coolers

  • Sunshine or snow, our Foam Cycle unit allows for the outside storage and processing of EPS Foam. Our beautifully designed unit will help enhance any municipal recycling center, school or university and proudly announces that EPS Foam recycling takes place here.

    All Weather Unit

    Sunshine or snow, our patent-pending Foam Cycle system allows for the outside storage and processing of EPS Foam. Our beautifully designed unit will help enhance any county , municipal, college or university recycling center and proudly announces that EPS Foam recycling takes place here!

    Safe, Strong, Secure.

    Our Foam Cycle unit allows you to process EPS Foam in a secure environment preventing unauthorized users from accessing the equipment . The Foam Cycle's metal enclosure is a specially designed ISO certified shipping container built new to our specifications. ISO or intermodal containers define a container that meets size, strength, and durability requirements along with structural integrity suitable for multiple transportation methods such as truck, rail, or ship so you know it’s built strong.


    What's Inside

    Each Foam Cycle container comes equipped with a leading manufacturer’s compact and versatile foam densifier machine capable of volume reducing your collected EPS Foam at a ration of 90-1. Hourly processing rates vary per model from 50 lbs. to 200 lbs. per hour. The unit also comes with inside lighting, built in exhaust fans and comes fully wired for an easy outside electrical connection. Also included is one Foam Collection container and extra collection bags. Lastly and equally as important, each Foam cycle container comes with our 100% support with recycling collection information and hand out suggestions to insure that your foam collection program is complete successful!

    Saved from the Landill

    Pictured above is a bag of loose foam once heading to a landfill. With the Foam Cycle system, this bag of foam is now densified on site and reduced in size at a ratio of 90-1 by removing 98% of the air that makes up foam packaging. The leftover 2% residual material from this process is pure polystyrene plastic called a foam ingot (pictured on the right). Ingots are sold to end user manufactures of picture frames and interior moulding right here in the US at values ranging from $200-$500 per ton!

  • Foam Collection Container


    The Foam Cycle system includes one durable all weather Foam Collection Container.


    This container is a great way to collect and transport Foam Packing material from one or more locations in your town to the

    Foam Cycle System for processing.


    Each container comes with 3 lightweight poly collections bags.


    Additional containers and bags are available for purchase

  • Foam Collection Cargo Trailer

    Once your city, county or municipality has a Foam Cycle densifying system in place, you can add this Foam Collection Cargo Container for off-site foam collection and transport to the main foam processing site. Great for use at schools, colleges and Earth Day events!

    (Contact us for more details)

  • Foam-to-Frame

    Welcome to Better Frame, the first closed-loop recycling product that tracks foam packaging waste from the point of collection to the picture frame its made into.


    Put away your chain saw, Better Frame is made from 100% Foam Packaging waste so no trees were harmed in our manufacturing process.


    Here's the best part, if a Better Frame is ever broken or no longer wanted, you can simply send it back to be recycled and made into a new frame, forever keeping this one time waste material out of our landfills and waterways for good!

    Frame Your Art

    Our frames

    Shop from any of our six unique and ornate frame styles. Our frames come in two sizes ( 11"x 14" and 16" x 20" ) with frame widths between 2.5 and 4 inches. Wood frames of this size typically cost 50% more!


    Picture Frame Fundraiser

    FUNDRAISER frames

    Better Frames speaks to your environmental conscious and your desire to make a difference in this world. 5x7 frames are available at wholesale pricing for fundraising events in cities, towns and colleges that have a Foam Cycle recycling system in use.


  • This is how the Foam Cycle/Better Frame Closed - Loop Circular Recycling Program works.

  • Better Frame

    Visit us at Better Frame and see how your frame was born!


    Foam Cycle is a proud member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)


  • Sell Your Foam

    Do you have densified foam ingots for sale?

    Visit www.RecycleMyFoam.com to learn about ways to transport and sell your recycled foam to end user picture frame and interior molding manufacturing facilities right here in the USA!

    Choosing the right Foam Densifier

    Need help choosing the right foam densifier machine for your college, university, municipality or business? If so contact www.RecycleMyFoam.com

    We can help !

  • Questions and Answers

    What types of EPS foam can the Foam Cycle System recycle?

    The Foam Cycle system can process and recycle both Foam Service Foam (foam cups, clamshell containers, egg cartons but they must be clean of food debris) and Packaging Foam (TV, electronics, furniture packaging along with foam coolers).

    What can I do with the condensed foam generated from the densifier machine? Does someone recycle this material?

    The 90-1 condensed foam produced by the densifier are called Ingots”. Foam Cycle will help set up a buyback program for the ingots generated at your location. These ingots are a highly valued material used as feed stock for companies making picture frames and interior moldings. Ingot values are determined by location,grade ,weight,volume and current market values.

    Can I purchase additional all weather Foam Collection bins?

    One Foam Collection bin is included with the Foam Cycle system. If you need additional foam collection bins to place at multiple locations like around your school, university or municipality its no problem, just give us a call.

    I need to place a foam densifier inside an existing building. Can I purchase a foam densifier machine by itself and if so what sizes do you sell?

    Yes, Foam Cycle sells a variety of foam densifier units. Each size unit is capable of recycling different volumes of foam so call Foam Cycle and speak to one of our sales professionals for more information.

    What kind of power and what type of maintenance does the foam densifier require?

    The foam densifier unit requires 220 v / 3 phase / 16-30 amp service. There are three main grease points that should be checked monthly and a rear access panel to an area that collects misc. debris that should be cleaned out periodically. Foam Cycle offers full customer support services from our offices located right here in the USA!

    What warranty does the Foam Cycle system come with?

    The Foam Cycle system comes with a full 1 year warranty that covers all of the components and equipment inside and outside the Foam Cycle container system including the foam densifier unit.

    Once ordered, how long does it take to receive the Foam Cycle system?

    A complete Foam Cycle system can be shipped to any US location in 5-7 weeks.



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