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  • They say it can't be recycled.

    We're here to prove them wrong. Our innovative and patent-pending Foam Cycle container recycling system allows counties, municipalities, schools, colleges and businesses to collect, recycle, process and market Expanded Polystyrene (EPS #6 ) – also known as EPS, PS, Styrofoam or simply Foam.


    "The Foam Cycle recycling system has provided a tool for managing a difficult material at the Sussex County MUA Landfill. Collection and processing of the EPS was seamlessly integrated into the daily operations. County residents and businesses are excited to finally have a location they can bring their foam to be recycled"


    - Reenee Casapulla

    Recycling Coordinator

    Sussex County MUA



    All Weather Unit

    Sunshine or snow, our Foam Cycle unit allows for the outside storage and processing of EPS Foam. Our beautifully designed unit will help enhance any municipal recycling center, school or university and proudly announces that EPS Foam recycling takes place here.

    Safe, Strong, Secure.

    Our Foam Cycle unit allows you to process EPS Foam in a secure environment preventing unauthorized users from accessing the equipment or product. The Foam Cycle unit is a specially designed ISO certified shipping container built new to our specifications. ISO or intermodal containers define a container that meets size, strength, and durability requirements along with structural integrity suitable for multiple transportation methods such as truck, rail, or ship so you know it’s built strong.


    What's inside?

    The Foam Cycle unit is exclusively equipped with a leading manufacturer’s compact and versatile foam densifier machine capable of volume reducing your collected EPS Foam from 90-1. Hourly processing rates vary per model and range from 50 lbs. to 200 lbs. per hour. All of our densifier models come with on-site training, full warranties and are easy to maintain.


    Also Included

    Each Foam Cycle container comes equipped with inside lighting, built in exhaust fan and comes fully wired for an easy outside electrical connection. Also included is one RecycleBin brand Foam Collection container and extra collection bags. Lastly and equally as important, each Foam cycle container comes with our 100% support with recycling collection information and hand out suggestions to insure that your foam collection program is successful!

  • Our Equipment

    Foam Cycle has partnered with RecyclingBin to include one of their durable and stylish all weather Foam Collection Bins with our Foam Cycle Container. This bin is a great way to collect and transport EPS foam from one or more locations on your site to the Foam Cycle Container for processing.

    Foam Cycle is an authorized RecycleTech dealer. RecycleTech is a leading manufacturer of high quality EPS foam densifying equipment. Our Foam Cycle Container can come with either RecycleTech model XT-70 or XT-200. Direct sales of all RecycleTech model densifiers are available through our sales department.

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